Crossfit Syosset/ Wednesday, May2nd

I know that the Rx weight seems enticing at times, however the Rx weight is really for the elite Crossfitters.

If you can’t do the Workout in the same time or around the same time as the pro’s then the Rx weight isn’t for you.
Weight isn’t the most important thing, time is the most important.
That’s why I always say to modify the workout so you are able to keep the time the same as they do.
Remember, we are after intensity. ┬áIf you are training intensely the workout can’t be for a long time.
You just can’t keep up the intensity were after for a long time right.
With that said, adjust the workout properly and try to go through it as fast as you can.
Trying to use the Rx weight when you aren’t able to and suffering through the workout moving slowly isn’t the idea of Crossfit.
Varied Functional movements done at high intensity, that’s what we are after.
Remember this every time you are about to train.


“Lumber Jack 20”
For Time
20 Deadlift @275/135
Run 400
20 KB Swings @70/55
Run 400
20 Overhead Squat @135/95
Run 400
20 Burpee
Run 400
20 C2B Pull Ups
Run 400
20 Box Jumps @30/24
Run 400
Squat Cleans 135/95
Run 400

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