Crossfit Syosset/ Thursday, October 5th

Today is Day 5 of the Lunge / Push up Challenge.  I know after those F’n Wall Balls it’s hard to get through the Lunges, even only 25 of them.  At least for me anyway.
Try and keep up with the challenge, remember what your legs and Ass are gonna look like after day 100!

So, the weather is starting to change and were gonna be wearing some warm clothes soon.
The original sweatshirts we got years ago are the best fucking sweatshirts ever!
So, being that they are not on the site to order I’ll be placing an order by the end of the month.
The sweatshirts on the website are not nearly as thick as the ones I am ordering.
I’ll have the ones we are ordering on most of the time so you can check them out.
If you want one let me know, text me or write it down on the sheet at the gym I’ll be making a list and placing the order by November 1st.

Kipping pull ups /  Muscle Ups / Handstand Push ups
Pick one or another that you are trying to work on and lets work the shit out of it till you get it.
You know I don’t give up until you get the movement so this will take as long as we need!


100 Double Unders
10 HandStand Push Ups
50 Good Mornings @45/15
50 Dumbbell Hang Clean and Push Press @50/30
50 GHD sit ups
50 Dumbbell Hang Clean and Push Press/  (CAN BE SUB FOR A BAR)
50 Good Mornings
10 Handstand Push Ups
100 Double Unders

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