Crossfit Syosset/ Tuesday, April 24th

Unfortunately,  because of crappy coaching,  Egos’ and coaches that just don’t give a rat’s ass a lot of people that do Crossfit suffer injury.
This is an unfortunate thing that has happened because Crossfit really is the most amazing routine to get into great shape.

It has become that some shitty coaches and shitty people have led to this “Don’t do Crossfit, you will get hurt phenomenon”

Don’t let someone’s unfortunate circumstance lead your life.  Try Crossfit for yourself and you decide what works for you not someone else.


20 on 10 off : 8 rounds
Bike for calories
Pull up
Thruster @75/45
GHD Sit ups or Crunches


Overhead Squat
8 x 2
75 seconds rest

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