Crossfit Syosset/ Tuesday, August 14th

Here’s one of many articles describing the benefits of weight lifting for women.
Despite what most women think about getting big and bulky if I lift weights it is super important for you to do so!

Not lifting weights and just becoming a Cardio Freak will do nothing but give you a skinny skeleton look with hanging skin.  So if you want to look like a hanger in your closet with loose clothes hanging from it, keep sitting on the bike or Elliptical machine and you’ll have it.

Cardio machines, spin classes, and step classes will not give you the athletic look all women are looking for.  If after reading that you’re saying “I don’t want that athletic look I want to just want that real skinny and emaciated look you can always start smoking crack, that will do it too.

I’ve said it before, you are not going to get bulky.  If you are all going to get bulky that would mean that every guy should look like Hercules and unfortunately that’s just not true.

If you are still unsure about trying out Crossfit give it a go and you’ll see it is nothing like everyone says it is.


Shoulder Laterals
Shoulder Rear Laterals
Shoulder Front Raise
Arnold Press
Complete a Giant Set with all four exercises and no rest between each.
Perform 12-15 Reps of each of the laterals and 6-10 reps of Arnold Press
Complete 4 Giant Sets Total


3 Rds For Time
Run 400
20 Reps: Box Jumps @30/24
15  Reps: Hang Power Cleans @135/95
10  Reps: Clapping Push Ups

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