Crossfit Syosset/ Tuesday, August 7th

Listen man!
The most important thing when working out is not trying to finish as fast as you can.  I know the clock can seem enticing at times and you want to be one of the first ones finished but it’s not worth risking injury to get a good time.
You are much better off taking your time, moving slow and methodical through the workout and making sure you are staying tight as not to get hurt.
This is really really important yet still what I say doesn’t seem to have an effect on some of you guys until you actually get hurt.
Getting hurt sucks!
Pay attention to your movements and make sure you stay tight!


Front Squat
7 x 3


12 Min Amrap
7 Right arm KB Snatch @55/35
7 Right arm Overhead KB Squat
7 Left arm KB Snatch @55/35
7 Left arm Overhead Kb Squat
35 Double Unders

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