Crossfit Syosset/ Tuesday, January 31st

Hi, we haven’t spoken in a while. Talking to someone today sparked a topic I think we should discuss, yes, it’s about food, and the person is Jen. I won’t say which Jen, (the little one) so don’t ask me.
You can ask her about the conversation so no one thinks I’m attacking anyone. This was discussed between the two parties with no animosity or insinuating phrases towards either person.
Anyway’s, the topic is food and how much you should be eating.
Here’s the secret, if you feel like you have fat (otherwise known as energy) on your body than don’t eat so much food.
If you feel like you don’t have much fat, than you can eat for the energy required to live and train.
So, basically every time you feel like you have to eat ( I won’t say hungry, cause very few people actually eat cause they’re really hungry) think about this.
Do I really need food (energy)?
Do I have any energy (fat) on my body?
Am I eating out of habit or necessity?
Would I pass out and die if I didn’t eat right now due to my body shutting down cause of no energy (I seriously doubt it)?
If your car had a full tank of gas (your body fat) would you fill it up (eat more so you can get fat)?
This is it, it’s that easy. Am I fat, don’t eat.
We eat to support levels of exercise and lift activities. We don’t eat to be a gluttons.
Gluttony is bad.

Overhead Squat
5 sets x 5 reps @65-70% of your max
If you don’t know your max, shame on you.

5 Sets
Every 3:30
12/9 Cal Bike
5 Bar Muscle Ups/ modified muscle ups/ chest to bar pull ups and dips/ pull ups and dips. Either is fine to modify, whatever you choose make it difficult.
12/9 Cal Bike

Core work:
3 Sets:
10/10 KB Around the world’s (55/35)
40 Flutter Kicks with KB Hold (53/35)
15 Toes To Rig with 3 second eccentric

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