Crossfit Syosset/ Tuesday, July 17th

I know the Rx weight seems enticing but it is only there for people to know what weight to not go over.
Because it’s on the board does not mean that You have to do it.
As a matter of fact I would try and push you not to do it unless the Rx weight does not interfere with you technique or form one bit.
The weight doesn’t really matter, the workouts are potent enough to use light weight and move faster that they will be just as productive without heavy weights that are uncontrollable.
If you’re unsure of this try it, try using a lighter weight than what you normally would use and move faster and see if you feel different.

Everyone that has done this has seen and realized that light weights are just as effective if not more than heavy weights.


1 Clean and Jerk
Every 60 seconds
For a total of 10 reps


3 Rds
Run 800
50 Wall Balls @20/14

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