Crossfit Syosset/ Tuesday, July 18th

Some people are nice enough to leave their weighted vests at the gym with the trust in people that they will do the right thing and if they wear them they will keep them clean and put them back right where they found them.
Well, things don’t always happen the way we plan now do they.
Someone wore Brian’s vest (the tan one that was hanging on the GHD machine) last week.
They must have broken the buckle and just put it back where they found it (which I guess was nice) however they didn’t tell anyone (me) that they broke the buckle.
This isn’t right, Brian paid money for this vest and doesn’t expect it to be broken when he goes to use it.  Now Brian went upstate on vacation and wanted to use his vest but to his misfortune he found the buckle broken.
Not Cool

If you did it, I know you didn’t mean it cause no one in the gym is malicious enough to do a thing like that.
I’m expecting that person to tell me they did it and I will replace it.
Tell me so we can laugh about it and fix it.  Don’t not tell me

This is a place where we love and treat each other with respect.
Let’s keep it that way.

This is a continuation of the week from Hell:

Run 800
10 Rounds
10 Deadlift @60%
10 GHD Sit ups
10 Wall Ball Shots @20/14
10 Burpee
Run 800

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