Crossfit Syosset/ Tuesday, July 25th

10 x 10 : 30 Swings

10 on 20 off for 6 Rounds Bike for Cal
Rest 1 Min
20 on 10 off for 6 Rounds Deadlift @135/95
Rest 1 Min
20 on 10 off for 6 Rounds Row for Cal

So most of you went hard and fast today and felt the difference between last week and a short workout.  If you are still feeling like you didn’t do much after the workout is done you aren’t going hard enough, you may think you are but if you are not in the mindset of “just keep going as fast as you can no matter what” right before the workout you’re not going to get there.
You need to feel like you are sprinting every time you start a short wod not I just need to get through this.

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