Crossfit Syosset/ Wednesday, July 26th

So I’m still not getting across to some of you guys, let me explain again.
The reason we are doing these short intense workouts is because I am trying to show you guys that the more intense the workout the more effective it is.
Without intensity there is no biological adaptation that takes place.
Without intensity Your body does not have to adapt to the physical stress, think about it like this.
We all have stress right?

Whether it be stress from the kids, your job, traffic, Sucky people (although that stress can easily be taken care of by not giving a crap about them) etc…
Everyones body deals with these stresses in different ways, we’re not all the same right.
Some may get sick, some may change emotionally or some may have a breakdown, whatever it is the point I’m trying to make is that the stress is what is effecting your body and because of that your body has to react to the stress.

So you need physical stress in order to bring on this biological adaptation I am speaking of.
The physical stress I am talking about is High intense workouts, doing these high intense workouts will bring about this change in your body therefore causing you to lose Fat and build muscle!!!

I know it’s hard to believe but the short workouts this week are much much more effective than the long ones we did last week.  The ones we did last week are too long to do fast, without speed we lose the intensity, without intensity we have nothing!
So forget about the long ones you have to get them out of your head and what you have to start doing is learning how to push yourself beyond the point of exhaustion.  If you stop every time you get tired,  you’re giving your body too much rest.
Too much rest equals less intensity.

So here’s the deal, approach these workouts as if you were on the starting line of a 100 yard sprint and as soon as we start the workout run your ass off through the wod as fast as you would run through a 100 yard sprint!
If you do anything at 100 miles per hour it’s going to be really tough so if anyone is saying they aren’t tired after the workouts they just aren’t going hard enough.
Force yourself to go as hard as you can and if you think you can’t do that then pick someone that you know is faster than you and try to beat them!


5 Rounds
Row 500/400
30 Wall Balls @20/14
Rest 3-5 minutes

Go through each round as fast as you can without stopping.  That means sprint on the rower (make sure you tighten your core before you drive back on the rower or you’ll feel it in your lower back)   and do all 30 reps without stopping.  If the weight is too heavy on the wall ball then go lighter remember we need speed not heavy weight.
Get through the round quickly and try to tie your time each round.

Does anyone read this crap or listen to me when I write and speak in the gym or am I just wasting my time and breath?

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