Crossfit Syosset/ Tuesday, March 29th

You guys ever watch that show “Man vs. Food” with Casey Webb or the first dude, Adam Richman? It’s great, I love it.
The best part of the show is the food challenge at the end of the show. The best is when the food he has to eat to win the challenge is a spicy food. The other foods are great also, like the gigantic 30 inch, 11 lb pizza, but when he eats a ton of spicy food, it’s hysterical.
They start off talking shit, then once the spices kick in their faces turn red, they start sweating, and then they start breathing heavy.
By the time they worked there way through a good portion of the food the faces are beat red, they’ve repeatedly wiped their foreheads, their bellies have actually grown in a noticeable size, they try to use milk as a suppressor, and they can barely chew the food they have in their mouth. Then, they usually throw in the towel if it’s just to spicy and they look like they need to nap for a week.
If you haven’t seen the show, I highly recommend it.
Imagine people that eat like this everyday, because they’re out there all over the place.
Imagine what that does to your body, constantly stuffing your face over and over again. Not only everyday but people do this every meal.
Think about what your body has to go through just to break all that food down.
If you’re body can still manage to go on living, think about how good people would feel if they ate well all the time.
Think about how much less effort our bodies have to go through breaking down healthy foods instead of shit.
Do most people think about what’s going on inside after they eat or do they just eat and wish for the best?
I’m curious myself.


Every 2 minutes
6 Rounds
2 Power Cleans each round @85-90%


Every 2 minutes
6 Rounds
15/12 Cal Bike (Sprint)
6 Bench Press (155/105 or 55-60%)
Record your slowest round
Scale Bike to finish in 45 seconds

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