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I have a letter from Rob Espo.   Rob has been coming to the gym for almost 4 years now and it finally clicked that he needs to eat well if he wants to see a difference in his body.  Like most people Rob thought he could just train and eat crap and he would see results.  As some of you have found out this does not work to well, you need to eat well and thank God for Rob he realized that recently.
When he realized he needed to start eating better if he wanted to see results he sought out the help of Brittany whom most of you know from the gym.
Brittany started her own company helping people that want to make a change in their lives through nutrition several months ago.  Rob amongst some other members of the gym have found out that she knows what she is talking about.  As you will read in Rob’s letter he lost 9 lbs the first week and said it wasn’t that bad if you know what to eat.

Here is Rob’s Email:


Started Crossfit 3 1/2 Years ago. Was bored of regular gym and wanted to lose weight. I was like 250lbs at the time. I instantly loved crossfit but was not losing weight. People would say it isn’t working and to switch gyms but I knew the issue was on me and not the gym. I knew that because I wasn’t paying attention to your constant emails. As simple as your emails seemed; eating right and the macros and paleo thing is pretty difficult until it actually clicks. I always figured I was eating healthy because I don’t eat shitty foods. I eat good food shitty. I do not eat fast food. I eat at good restaurants and home cooked meals. And on the weekends I have my “cheat day” where I eat sweets. Either way I was consistently gaining. I used to workout with PJ at night and he was always on me. He used to say “I was the definition of you cannot outwork a bad diet.” We would laugh about it all the time but I really didn’t give a shit.

I didn’t really care because mentally I felt great because I consistently worked out at your crossfit. Last year I switched to 5:30am because work was getting crazy and I often skipped the night classes. I love going in the mornings. But again I was in the same conundrum. I felt great mentally everyday. How could I not? I showered twice and worked out all before 7am each day. Feeling good mentally and like shit physically was driving me crazy. I knew enough was enough.

As I got closer too Brittany the past year I was always talking to her about business and the gym. I started to realize how versed she was in the whole paleo fitness thing. I knew enough was enough but I continued to duck her. I needed to be 100% ready mentally on my own prior to committing to her. A few weeks ago I weighed in at 284 and was finally done running. (Obviously I don’t run much LOL.) It was perfect timing as Brittany was just starting to intake clients for her business. I told her I was ready to hire her for help. A couple weeks ago Brittany did an intake and then wrote me a meal plan. Today is day 8 and I already lost 9lbs. I am not writing to tell you about the weight. It means shit to me. Im writing to tell you I felt the best physically this week than I have in a long time. Not once this week was I hungry. Not once this week was I over full or lethargic. With some minor adjustments from Brittany the entire past week I have felt content with hunger, sharp mentally, and all around good physically. Every single body function including sleeping has been incredible. Back and forth everyday as I ask for adjustments with the eating is helping the whole macros thing really click in my head. Eating clean is totally one of those things that is so incredibly simple but so impossible at the same time. Its not simple until someone who knows it explains it to you. You think you know how to eat healthy but you really don’t. Like hearing her explain why eating fruit bowls and smoothies all day were a terrible way of loosing weight was baffling to me. I am focused on losing 60lbs. Obviously that is a long way away and this email is premature. However, the physical benefits I feel already have overshadowed any initial insecurities about this being about will power. My minds made up; this is what I am doing now. I love the gym. But having someone like Brittany on hand to hire with the eating part is the missing link I really needed. I appreciate you both just wanted to let you know.

As you can see Rob had decided to make a decision and until you do you will never change the way you look.  Eating is 80% of looking good and if you don’t take you nutrition seriously you will not get the changes you are looking for.
So, if you are interested in making a change in your diet and you could use some help you may want to give Brittany a call and see if she can help you get your nutrition under control.
The name of the Website is
You can email her at

If you are having trouble getting your eating under control it definitely helps to have someone there with you that holds you accountable each week.
I know that I always talk about nutrition but it really is the key to reaching  your goals.


Row 1,000
30 Deadlifts @225/155
50 Box Jumps

Rest 1 Min.

Overhead Squat
7 x 3

High Hang Squat Snatch
5 x 2

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