Crossfit Syosset/ Tuesday, May 15th

For those of you that did find their BodyFat, it’s time to take the info you got and do something with it.

If you found that your body fat was to high for you and you’re not happy, it’s time to start eating well and losing some BodyFat till August.
If you found out that you are low in BodyFat  But you are not happy with the way you look it’s time to put on some muscle.
If you found out that you are very happy with where you are then keep doing what you’re doing.
either way the first two results will most likely require you to EAT MORE FOOD!
I can’t believe even after I’ve written so much about this subject that it’s still an issue but, it is.
So, I’ll say it again.
You have to eat a lot of good food to be where you want, whether you’re trying to put on Muscle or you are trying to lose some Fat, you need to eat.  Starving yourself is not the way to go.
If you starve yourself you will be working against your body and you’ll be taking yourself on a merry go round and never get to where you want to be.


4 x 4 Min amraps with 2 Min Rest

5     C2B  Pull ups
5     Handstand Push Ups
10   GHD Sit ups / w weight

5    Pull Ups
10  Push Ups
10   Sit ups
10   Air Squat


Overhead Squat
5 x 10 reps

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