Crossfit Syosset/ Tuesday, November 22nd

What’s the hardest part about looking Awesome?
Yup!!  Eating well, trying to eat perfect all the time which is what it take to look great is definitely harder than your training.
With our busy schedules it is very difficult to focus on carrying your food around and making sure you eat every couple of hours.
So instead of putting so much pressure on when, how and what to eat I figure instead of making sure you eat every couple of hours just eat when you are hungry.
Instead of making all your food and having everything prepared with you to carry around just eat fruits and veggies.
Those you can always just keep in a bag or pick up at the store anywhere you are.
Then when you have breakfast, lunch and dinner you can eat a healthy meal without so much pressure of making sure you eat the right thing every 2 hours.

So for example, let’s say you wake up late and miss breakfast so grab yourself some carrots already cut up or an apple and a banana or any kind of fruit or veggie that is fast.  Then you are at work and it’s hard to get away to eat so have some more fruit and veggies that you keep with you or ran out to buy some.  Maybe if you keep a shaker with you at work have a protein shake also.
Then at lunch have some protein, fat and some veggies.
After lunch if you’re hungry have some raw broccoli and another apple.
Have another shake if you aren’t filled up from the fruit.  Then for dinner have another protein, fat and veggies.
If you are used to a habit of having some shit before bed have some sweet fruit like an Asian Pear or some mango slices and another shake if you’re still hungry .
The idea is to not put so much stress on yourself about eating all the time and then when you miss a meal you just give up and forget about the diet.
Remember even a small difference will make a huge change.  You just gotta get away from the shit.  Get all the shit out of the house and just keep fruits, veggies and protein in the house.

Handstand Push Ups
30 Reps for Time

Squat Snatch
1 Rep Max

15 Min Amrap
10 Zercher Squat 25% Max  (use a towel if the pain is unbearable (LOL) in your arms)
10 GHD Sit ups
10 Swings @70/55
10 Calories Bike

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