Crossfit Syosset/ Wednesday, November 23rd

I’m sure most of you guys have seen this oak tag in the gym?

If you haven’t understandably so, I know you guys are all busy and don’t often have time to sit around and read in the gym.
So, let me explain to you the story.

Debbie Tsotsos has been a member of the gym for 10 years.  Debbie and her husband Harry who has gone missing in the last several years but is on the cusp of getting back in the gym have been great additions to the gym.
Very, Very Generous people offering their house numerous times to have parties for the gym amongst other things that are very much appreciated.

Debbie is a member of Blancha’s house which I believe is a charity organization that helps kids that don’t normally get surgery for birth defects get the surgery they need.   The last time Debbie went to Ecuador which is like number 4 I think.
She met this young girl, Look UP,  Narcissa.  Narcissa needs some surgeries to fix what needs to be fixed, Unfortunately they can’t do all the surgeries there so Debbie and her sister pulled an all time UNSELFISH act and brought this little girl here to America to get the surgery she needs.  That’s right, the little girl is living with Debbie’s sister while she is getting the work done.
Blanca’s house helps out a lot as does Debbie and Kym’s family but not everything is paid or by the Charity organization so that’s where we come in.

Being that it is the season of giving I am asking you to open up your hearts and your wallets and help Debbie’s sister Kym with the finances.  Kym has to buy this girl everything from her clothes, food, to everyday living expenses and it’s getting very expensive.

Being that a lot of us have been blessed in life with finances now is the time to give back and help someone in need, especially a little girl that deserves the same life as everyone else.
So help out.  Put some money in an envelope with Debbie’s name on it and hand it in.
Please be generous and help out as much as you can.
Thank You

Ab work
Hollow Rock
V Up

Split Jerk
1 Rep Max

Deadlift  @275/185
Burpee over Bar

*****Turkey Hours*****
Thursday the 24th  8 and 9am classes
Friday the 25th  8 and 9am classes
Saturday and Sunday closed for Construction

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