Crossfit Syosset/ Tuesday, November 28th

Some of you guys may have heard me today say something like “try and finish this workout in around 18 minutes
For those that I didn’t explain it too, here’s the reason.
The whole idea behind Crossfit is Intensity right?  In case you haven’t heard this enough.
The first thing to look at when doing a workout is time, you are supposed to stay within a certain time constraint.
What is that?
Well, it is around 3 minutes within the time that the pro’s do the workout in.  Monday’s workout being around 13-14 minutes so we should finish in around 17 minutes, I said 18 because it is a little longer than most.
Now I am by no means saying you are pro’s nor should you be doing the workouts in the same time as a pro.
I am simply saying that they want you (Crossfit Hq) to finish around the same time as them.  How do we do that you ask?

Well, we modify.  Just like we do to every workout that we either can’t do Rx or need to shorten it up a little bit.
Remember, Rx doesn’t mean anything, it’s not you against anyone else doing Rx.
What does matter is your time for yourself and that your workouts are intense enough to elicit the effect we are after to get the results we want.

So using this workout let’s say you did finish it in 16 minutes by modifying it.  The next time you do it you would take some of those modifications away and see if you can keep the same time and so on and work towards completing the wod in the same time (16 min) with Rx weight.
This is how it is supposed to be done.  Unfortunately  a lot of you don’t like to do anything less than what is on the board.
This is unfortunate cause all this will do is put you in a greater chance of injury prone moments.
Try and get away from the Rx and focus more on keeping the workout intense, short and varied even the modifications need to be varied.


Shoulder press

6 x 6
75 second interval


5 Rounds
5 Handstand Push Ups
7 Clean @155/105
9 Toes To Bar

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