Crossfit Syosset/ Wednesday, November 29th

The Sweatshirts are in!
And cause you caught me on a good day I’m going to but them all for you as Christmas Gifts!
Yes, If you ordered one or even two Merry Christmas or if you celebrate something else, Happy and Merry to whatever that is!

I even got you Christmas Bags for your Sweatshirts!  Yay, you can reuse them on another gift!
Right, Right I know you don’t do that.  Nobody does that’s, that’s why there were several hundred bags where I got them cause no one does that.
Anyway, the sweatshirts will be in there little blankets like little pigs at the gym with your name on the bag.  OOOPs you can’t use it again your name is on it.  Sorry !
Please when you look for your Sweatshirt DON’T throw the bags and sweatshirts all over the place, just nicely look for your name and take your bag without causing a mess.  Muchos Graci-ass

*****Also, this is important… too some of you.
We moved the Christmas Party again back to the December 8th at 7pm.
This time it will be at Ivan’s Clubhouse like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse I’ll have the exact Address soon and I’ll be sure to post it.


Back Squat
8 x 4
Add weight from last week
2 minute interval


15 Min Amrap

5  Pull ups
7  Deadlifts @225/135
10 Swings @70/55

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