Crossfit Syosset/ Tuesday, November 2nd

I missed yesterday, sorry about that.

How goes with your nutrition?

Did some of you get derailed cause of the holiday?

Do you find yourself “starting over” a lot.

Are you having a hard time eating well all the time or do you have a “snack” here and there throughout the day?

I know, this shit is tough. Some of us deal with crap all day long and then when you get home, now you have to fight with yourself to eat well.
That shit is rough. You all know what this is about right? You need to make eating well a priority. But that’s not what this is about.

Would you agree if you are having these issues it is safe to say that food controls you?

If you do agree, take a look at the rest of your life and see if anything else controls you that you don’t realize.

I’m not attacking anyone! Just making a suggestion.

This is all an easy fix.

What you believe to be most important to you reflects your life (this was your assignment last week). If you aren’t happy with your life that means you have the wrong mindset, right?

If your mindset lined up with what truly makes you happy … then right now you would be happy.

I’m not saying this is anyone of us, nor am I pointing anything out. I’m just offering something to think about.


Front Squat
5 x 8
Same weight as your back squat weight from yesterday.


3 Rounds (each round as fast as you can)
Row 500 meters
15 Burpees
Rest 2 minutes between rounds

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