Crossfit Syosset/ Tuesday, October 25th

How’s everyone doing with their nutrition?
Has anyone gained some weight over the last year or two and have been trying to lose it but have been very unsuccessful?
Is this you?
If you are asking if I’m talking to you, then it’s you.
If it is you then what seems to be the problem, like were are you losing the battle?
Is it a “I just don’t care” thing?
Is it a “I can’t stop stuffing my face at night” thing?
Or perhaps a “I start off well for my first meal and then it gets worse as the day goes on”, thing?
Maybe something little like, “I eat really well, I have a banana and oatmeal in the morning, but I just can’t lose the weight”, thing?
I would love to hear what kinda “thing” it is. So if this is you, send me an email please and be totally honest when you explain your “thing”.
Don’t worry at all, I will not bring it up in tomorrow’s email. I would never ever do that.
If this email pertains to no one that is wonderful news.

10 reps every minute on the minute
for a total of 10 rounds/ 100 reps (heavy as fuck)
Every rep, all 100 reps without question should be done with perfect form, no exceptions!!
Core is tight, using your ass and quads to accelerate.
When I say “heavy as fuck”, I mean go as heavy as you can with perfect form.

5 x 3 minute Amraps with 1 min rest
3 Power Cleans @135/95
6 Front Squats (same weight as cleans)
9 Push ups
Complete as many rounds in 3 minutes as possible then rest 1 minute and repeat for 5 rounds total.
Rest 1 minute between rounds

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