Crossfit Syosset/ Wednesday, April 19th

Yesterday was Awesome!!!!
Everyone was breaking records left and right, it was a crazy 1 rep max day!!
Congrats to everyone, I remember Cathy, Hailey, Oren hit 3 Plates after years of suffering,
Karim, Amy, Katie, Juliette, Everyone killed it.  If I missed your name I forgot pls don’t be insulted.

Everyone must be doing there squats each week, this is wonderful.
Another thing I would like to bring up is spotting during a Back Squat.  I know some of you guys like to dump it yourself but there’s several reasons why you should not do that.
First and most importantly is safety, If you go to dump the weight and it’s too late that your neck started moving forward there’s no way you can toss it backwards and bamm, it’ll go right over the back of your neck.  That’s a no good.
Second dumping the weight doesn’t give you any time to sit there and struggle with the weight. You have to dump it so fast that you never get to try to hard.

So please do me a favor, if the weight is really heavy for you just ask for a spot.
Hopefully the person you ask knows how to spot.


Dumbbell Pullovers 12 reps   3 sets with 45 seconds rest

Complete 3 sets of the complex with 2 min rest between (complete all the exercises and sets with the Bench propped up slightly by your head.  2 x 45 lb plates should be good
1.  Dumbbell Flyes 8 reps (the dumbbells are held with your palms facing towards your head the whole time
2.  Barbell Bench Press 8 reps (because the Bench is propped up have someone hand you the bar from behind you.
3.  Push ups till failure


Complete 5 x 3 min Rounds with 2 min rest

In 3 Minutes complete
Row 500/400 meters
Amrap Thrusters @95/65

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