Crossfit Syosset/ Wednesday, August 23rd

Alright we nailed down a date for the Body Fat Truck.
The truck will be here on Friday afternoon September 15th and all morning on Saturday the 16th.
So let me first list all the good things about the new truck.

First of all one of our members is the actual owner of the truck so any problems, discrepancies will be handled right away.
Second the test will actually get done right.   There have been some problems over the past with how correct some peoples body fat was.
Apparently you’re not supposed to be on your belly when doing the test.  And the water is supposed to be level when being tested.
What could we do he was the only one around at the time, now we got one of our own giving the testing.
I know a big concern for some of you ladies and lady men was that the water wasn’t clean.  Well, this truck has a pool filter on it so there won’t be anything floating around in this pool besides someone dropping a deuce in the tub.
So with the tub clean, the testing accurate and the owner a member and most of all the price is much cheaper!
Now it’s only $50 a person not $80 or $100 depending on whether Keith wanted to give change or not.
The truck is brand new so let’s do this, now there are no excuses!!!!

The sign up sheets are on the desk, make sure you sign up for a time that you are able to make.
The $50 is due in before the truck gets here not the day of.

Put your name down the sheet along with your number and email address and hand in an envelope with your name on it.

Do this!  There are so many people that wished they did it when they first signed up for the gym because they lost so much that it would have been great to see how much they lost.  So even if you have been here for a while test it out.
It’s important to know your body fat, NOT YOUR BODY WEIGHT!  Right, we don’t care about bodyweight we care about Body fat!!!

Get your body fat tested!!!


Back Squat
5 x 3
Add weight from last week


Hand Stand Push Ups
Deadlift @225/135
Run 800

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