Crossfit Syosset/ Wednesday, February 28th

So, before I start the nutrition speech again I need to express one more important thing to you regarding injuries.
I know how addicting seeing me can become… I mean Crossfit can become so I understand that you need to be here everyday to fill your fix!  But, your body may have a hard time recovering if you don’t let it rest.
This can be a problem, especially to the older folk of the gym.

When your body doesn’t get a chance to recover it will eventually face a break down and give in and get injured.  We don’t want this.
I’m not saying you can’t come and see me everyday but you have to be smart about it.  If you are sore, either do a rowing workout or bike or something not so hard on your joints like lifting.  If you are sore but not too sore maybe do the wod but go really light and move faster than normal.
Or, you can just take a rest day!

Think about it before you do it and try and be smart bout your workouts this way you will last a lot longer than just getting hurt like everyone else.
Be smart about your body, you only have one!

Overhead Squat
5 x 5 (90 Sec)

Complete 5 Complex  (EMOM)
High Hang Pull
High Hang Power Clean
High Hang Squat Clean


2K Row
50 Burpee Box Jump overs @24/20
1K Row

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