Crossfit Syosset/ Wednesday, June 28th 79 and Sunny!

I’ve said over and over again that I used to think that the best part about the gym was the workouts and how they get you into amazing shape, but over the years I have realized that the workout is secondary to the people that make up the gym.
The most amazing part about this Gym is the people inside it.
The support, camaraderie and motivation that you lend each other is incredible.   I never have any worry of someone new not getting treated right from the start.
You know its the right place when so many different groups of people have become such good friends over time.
I hear a lot about how so many people travel to other gyms and they say it’s not the same as here,  it’s not warm and friendly like we are and just doesn’t have a comfortable feel.

This is possible because of all the wonderful people we have in our community.  I’ve never seen so many people help out each other in so many different ways, whether it be helping with training, help with nutrition, or even help with their own businesses.
Janine, Rich and Laurie are some of the new wonderful people that help make this place great.
Plus Janine and Rich celebrated there Anniversary by working out this morning at 5:30am.  They coulda stayed home and eaten a shitty breakfast but that’s too easy.


20 Rep Back Squat
Add 5 lbs from Monday or last time you did it.


4 Rounds ForTime

Run 400
50 Sit ups
50 Back Extension

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