Crossfit Syosset/ Wednesday, June 6th

There seems to be a slight issue with the timing of the classes.
So here’s what we’ll do.   Whatever time the class start time is for example Lift: if the class time is 4:30pm
That means that most people will get there at 4:30 pm which is totally acceptable being in that the class start time is 4:30pm.  If you come early and warm up or work on your weaknesses or things you suck at I applaud your lack of tardiness and dedication to your body and health but unless the whole class comes in early and warms up and is ready to go at the “real class time” I by Law and not legally allowed to start the class without allowing proper warm up time.  If someone gets hurt and I didn’t provide an environment conducive to allowing proper warm up time I can be sued in the eyes of the supreme court (et. al case and docket number 564 Kramer vs. Crocodile Dundee) in which Kramer had sued Dundee over a false environment as exposed to legally responsible in 1867 New York City.  This case may have been to early for most of you but my vase knowledge of the legal world has led me to cases and legal terms of which many of you are unaware of.

With this or that said, who’s the Black Sheep whats The Black Sheep let’s say that all workout’s will start 10 Minutes after the Class Time.
So, this means that for those of you who have not read this or cannot bring yourself to read all the hard work I put into these emails everyday so you can take 10 minutes out of your busy day and enjoy some good reading that moving forward we’ll be starting the wod in every class exactly 1o minutes after Class time begins.
For Example:  If the 4:30pm class starts at 4:30pm we’ll be starting the Wod at, What? Let me hear it?  Yes Yes, Yes that’s it!!  4:40pm!
Once the Wod beings we’ll take it from there but as for now you all know exactly how much time you have to warm up and get ready for the wod.

As far as the time you have to warm up, I would use that time to umm WARM UP!
We’re not all spring chickens like myself so we could use the warm up time wisely to warm up.

Power Clean
Work Your way up to a heavy single and perform it 6 times.


100 ft. Dumbell Overhead Walking Lunge   @80/55
100  Double Unders
50 Wall Ball Shots @20/14
50 Calorie Bike
50 Wall Balls Shots
100 Double Unders
100  ft. Dumbell Overhead Walking Lunge

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