Crossfit Syosset/ Wednesday, March 15th

Alright, this was a good test to see if you are serious about eating well.  We had a Snow/ Fake Snow Day.
We got faked out by the Media!
Did Everyone eat well or did you cave into the Dreary day sitting home with crap in the cupboards and nothing to do.
It’s days like these that a bowl of Cereal seems like a cure for boredom!

LOL  I been there more than a bunch of times, you get caught up in the Cap’n Crunch bowl of heaven.
I know, you picture yourself in your trunks swimming around in the silky milk surrounded by little crunchy pieces of pure ecstasy.
I’m wicha, it don’t get better than that!

However You’re in the business of losing some Lbs. now so that dream ain’t you anymore.
You got a new dream and it don’t end with you swimming in a bowl of silky milk and Cap’n Crunchies!
So keep your butt in gear and no more fucking around !

Dumbbell Pullovers
5 x 8
The weight doesn’t have to be super heavy, grab a medium weighted dumbbell and focus on keeping in your breath and expanding your chest as much as possible while performing the movement.  Keep your hips down as the weight goes back and keep your chest and back tight while holding a big chest throughout.

Back Squat
5 x 5 @73

Cal Row
Wall Ball @20/14

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