Crossfit Syosset/ Wednesday, November 15th


Back Squat

7 x 5 @5 lbs heavier than last week
2 and 1/2 minute intervals


3 Rounds

Run 400
12 Squat or Power Snatch @115/85
4 Muscle Ups  (sub for M.U. is 12 Pull ups and 12 Dips or Push ups a round )
So for instance if you are subbing the M.U. your round would look like this
Run 400
12 Snatch
12 Pull ups
12 Dips 0r 12 Push ups

****If you can do a squat snatch do it, if you can’t because your flexibility is horrific and you do no mobility work to help the situation, then switch to a Squat Clean.  If you decide to go along the clean route Perform the Cleans with 135/95.

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