Crossfit Syosset/ Wednesday, November 8th

If you haven’s seen another awesome post from the Instagram King (Your’s truly) Here’s what’s going on.
John and Steve are going to be eating well for 30 days as there progress will be tracked from the Instagram Nomad Himself (ME) Each week they will be photographed from the the magical Instagram Phone (Mine) so they will be held accountable for there work.
If anyone would like to get involved in this let me know and myself (the Superstagramanator) and my trusty (Batstagramphone) will be there weekly to take your pictures.

So now that the Summer is over and it’s time to bare the depression of the cold crappy shit hole winter around the corner
It’s important to get your Vitamin D in.
So make sure you’re taking it :


Back Squat
6 x 6 @same weight from last Wednesday


5 Rounds
Run 400
10 Double Kettlebell Clean and Press  @55/35
10 Bench Press @60%
10 Cal Bike
10 Double KB Single Leg Deadlift Same weight as clean
10 Push Ups

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