How to NOT Double-Cross Yourself

Do you know why most people feel that they have to get to the gym everyday?  Even though they know it’s not good to train all the time? Because, they use the gym as a way to combat against eating crap.  So they eat shit and then they feel like, “Damn! I have to go to the gym to work this cheesecake off”.

Then the next day it happens again.

“I went out to dinner last night and I had a loaf of bread before my meal came, so I gotta get to the gym today.” I’m sure I will get a bunch of text messages saying “Are you talking about me?”

This is crazy, besides over training you’re double crossing yourself.

So not only are you eating crap so your body doesn’t recover well or do you sleep well but now your body has crappy food in it and is also over training.

How about we think of it like this.

The thoughts you have about your training are what?  Every time you train you feel like you are progressing right?

Well how about you think like that when you eat!

So basically when you eat you feel like you are making progress.

For example, eat crap means no progress.  Eat well you make great progress. Eat crap makes your workouts worthless, Eat well makes your workouts times 1o!

So you make the choice, eat crap look like crap.  Eat Great and Look Great!!

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