How to Properly Spot the Back Squat

This is important. When spotting someone it is your responsibility to make sure that whomever you are spotting is safe throughout the movement.

Think about it, when someone asks you to spot them they are putting their safety into your hands. This is why no matter who it is┬áthe important thing is to make sure they are safe, whether it be a man or a woman, doesn’t matter try and remember to focus on keeping that person from getting injured.

When Spotting someone in a Back Squat position Stay right behind them, not 5 feet away or what you think maybe appropriate. Stay close behind them not only for them but for you also, in case you have to pull that person up the further away you are the harder it’s going to be on your back to lift them.

So stay solid to the ground, real close to them with your arms underneath their armpits with your hands under their ribcage.

This way when they do need help you can pull into you by pulling up into their ribcage making you and them one unit to help you lift them up, remember the further away you are the harder it is to lift them up.

Another important thing to remember is to hold your breathe and stay tight when they are at the bottom in case you need to quickly lift them up. Just like when you are lifting your own weight and stay tight it doesn’t change when spotting someone.

So hold your breathe, have a solid base, stay real close to them with your arms under their pits and be ready to rock.

Keeping your hands around them the whole time also helps the person lifting feel safe while performing the rep and not have to worry about falling and getting hurt.

I hope this helps. Take it seriously when spotting someone.

Here’s a video to see how to properly spot someone doing a back squat.

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