Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, November 28th

We’re starting a new lifting program this week.
Everyone should have there maxes from the last several weeks.  The each cycle will last 6 which we will then start over using a heavier weight for each week.
Some things to remember:

Don’t start to heavy if you aren’t sure of your max
Don’t use half reps , they suck.  Full range of motion is the way to go.
If you don’t follow it like it’s written it won’t work.

The four Power Lifting exercises we’ll be using are Back Squat , Deadlift , Front Squat and Bench press.
The Oly lifts will be used in sequence with the Power Lifts.

Here’s the warm up and work set for week 1, know your weight before you come in the gym instead of rushing around trying to figure it out.
Warm up set 1:  45 lbs Bar x 12 reps
Warm up set 2:  35% x 6 reps
Warm up set 3:  45% x 5 reps
Warm up set 4:  60% x 4 reps
Warm up set 5:  70% x 3 reps
Work set 1:  80% x 2 reps
Work set 2:  86% x 2 reps
Work set 3:  92.5% x 2 reps
Perform your reps slowly and in controlled, no rushing, no bouncing, no out of control movements


Back Squat


100 Double Unders
30 Ball Slams @40/20
20 Muscle Ups
30 Ball Slams @40/20
100 Double Unders

Crossfit Syosset/ Friday, November 25th

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed what you really are thankful for.

The gym hours for today are
8am and 9am classes the gym will close at 10:30am
Thank You

Teams of 3

This workout is a 12,000 Meter C2 Amrap

One person Rows at a time, each person rows 1,000 Meters before switching partners.
The team of 3 keeps rotating until you all complete 12,000 meters which will be 4,000 meters per person.

The Amrap is as follows:
10 Wall Ball  @20/14
5   Burpee
10 Box Jumps @24/20
5   Deadlift @225/135
There will be one person rowing at a time which will leave two people left.
The two people will alternate between the Amrap while the other dude is rowing the 1,000 meters .
So for example :

Let’s say it’s me, The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man that make up a Team.

Iron Man starts The Wod off by Rowing first.  So Iron Man Begins rowing his 1,000 Piece and me and The Incredible Hulk start the Amrap.    I, being the smaller, weaker and less of a man than The Incredible Hulk will start first.  So I do one round of 10 Wall Ball, 5 Burpee, 10 Box Jumps and 5 Deadlifts.  As soon as I’m done with the 5th Deadlift The Incredible Hulk starts his Round of Wall Ball, Burpee, Box Jumps and Deadlifts (except he Deadlifts the Building causing the pipes to rip out of the ground leaving us with no heat for Monday, AGAIN!)
Regardless of the Heat we keep rotating through the Amrap till Iron Man is done with the 1,000 Meters which he gets done relatively quick due to his Suit that he wears which has those special powers, I guess rowing is considered a special power cause he finished fast.
Then The Incredible Hulk hops on the Rower and starts his 1,000 meter piece.  Unfortunately cause of his power his first pull ends up ripping the cord out of the machine with the fan blowing right out of the top causing the C2 to fall apart and become a Cnothing!

Anyway you get the picture by now right!
Good Luck, this is gonna be a doozy!
The Top Score is the Most Rounds completed in the 12,00o Meter time.

Crossfit Syosset/ Thursday, November 24th

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Today’s Hours:
There are two classes today, 8am and 9am.
We will be closing at 10:30 am today, they are starting to work in the gym so we need to be done by 10:30am.
Coming in at 10am to train isn’t going to work today or tomorrow.  Sorry but work they have to start working before Thanksgiving dinner.

In teams of 2:  (Bring a Hat and Gloves)
1.  One person Runs 1 Mile (around the block) the other one rests.  When your partner gets back, you run around the block and your partner rests.
2.  As soon as your partner returns You do 5 Clean and Jerks, after you do 5 your partner does 5, then you do 5, then your partner etc.. Until you both complete 50 Clean and Jerks.
3.  Soon as you’re done with the Clean and Jerks one person start Snatching!  EACH do 5 Reps back and forth till your team is done with 50 Total.
4.  Next start your ManMakers (2 Rows, 1 Push Up, 1 Clean and Thruster, 2 Lunges) with Dumbbells (I expect the Dumbbells to be put back no different then what they look like now!!!!)
Each are responsible for completing 30 Reps , 60 total.
5.  After the Man Makers are complete You both Sprint around the Block together.
Fastest time wins.
Weights are:
Clean and Jerk:  135/95
Snatch:  135/95
Man Makers:   35/15

Crossfit Syosset/ Wednesday, November 23rd

I’m sure most of you guys have seen this oak tag in the gym?

If you haven’t understandably so, I know you guys are all busy and don’t often have time to sit around and read in the gym.
So, let me explain to you the story.

Debbie Tsotsos has been a member of the gym for 10 years.  Debbie and her husband Harry who has gone missing in the last several years but is on the cusp of getting back in the gym have been great additions to the gym.
Very, Very Generous people offering their house numerous times to have parties for the gym amongst other things that are very much appreciated.

Debbie is a member of Blancha’s house which I believe is a charity organization that helps kids that don’t normally get surgery for birth defects get the surgery they need.   The last time Debbie went to Ecuador which is like number 4 I think.
She met this young girl, Look UP,  Narcissa.  Narcissa needs some surgeries to fix what needs to be fixed, Unfortunately they can’t do all the surgeries there so Debbie and her sister pulled an all time UNSELFISH act and brought this little girl here to America to get the surgery she needs.  That’s right, the little girl is living with Debbie’s sister while she is getting the work done.
Blanca’s house helps out a lot as does Debbie and Kym’s family but not everything is paid or by the Charity organization so that’s where we come in.

Being that it is the season of giving I am asking you to open up your hearts and your wallets and help Debbie’s sister Kym with the finances.  Kym has to buy this girl everything from her clothes, food, to everyday living expenses and it’s getting very expensive.

Being that a lot of us have been blessed in life with finances now is the time to give back and help someone in need, especially a little girl that deserves the same life as everyone else.
So help out.  Put some money in an envelope with Debbie’s name on it and hand it in.
Please be generous and help out as much as you can.
Thank You

Ab work
Hollow Rock
V Up

Split Jerk
1 Rep Max

Deadlift  @275/185
Burpee over Bar

*****Turkey Hours*****
Thursday the 24th  8 and 9am classes
Friday the 25th  8 and 9am classes
Saturday and Sunday closed for Construction

Crossfit Syosset/ Tuesday, November 22nd

What’s the hardest part about looking Awesome?
Yup!!  Eating well, trying to eat perfect all the time which is what it take to look great is definitely harder than your training.
With our busy schedules it is very difficult to focus on carrying your food around and making sure you eat every couple of hours.
So instead of putting so much pressure on when, how and what to eat I figure instead of making sure you eat every couple of hours just eat when you are hungry.
Instead of making all your food and having everything prepared with you to carry around just eat fruits and veggies.
Those you can always just keep in a bag or pick up at the store anywhere you are.
Then when you have breakfast, lunch and dinner you can eat a healthy meal without so much pressure of making sure you eat the right thing every 2 hours.

So for example, let’s say you wake up late and miss breakfast so grab yourself some carrots already cut up or an apple and a banana or any kind of fruit or veggie that is fast.  Then you are at work and it’s hard to get away to eat so have some more fruit and veggies that you keep with you or ran out to buy some.  Maybe if you keep a shaker with you at work have a protein shake also.
Then at lunch have some protein, fat and some veggies.
After lunch if you’re hungry have some raw broccoli and another apple.
Have another shake if you aren’t filled up from the fruit.  Then for dinner have another protein, fat and veggies.
If you are used to a habit of having some shit before bed have some sweet fruit like an Asian Pear or some mango slices and another shake if you’re still hungry .
The idea is to not put so much stress on yourself about eating all the time and then when you miss a meal you just give up and forget about the diet.
Remember even a small difference will make a huge change.  You just gotta get away from the shit.  Get all the shit out of the house and just keep fruits, veggies and protein in the house.

Handstand Push Ups
30 Reps for Time

Squat Snatch
1 Rep Max

15 Min Amrap
10 Zercher Squat 25% Max  (use a towel if the pain is unbearable (LOL) in your arms)
10 GHD Sit ups
10 Swings @70/55
10 Calories Bike

Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, November 21st





We’ll use the last three days before the Holiday to finish our 1 Rep Maxes and then next week start another program


Hollow Rock
V Ups
30/30 3 min ea.


Power Clean
Find 1 Rep Max


Row 500
Deadlift @50% Max 21 Reps
3 Muscle Up

Row 500
Deadlift @50% Max 15 Reps
6 Muscle Up

Row 500
Deadlift @50% Max 9 Reps
9 Muscle Up

Crossfit Syosset/ Friday, November 18th

The Christmas Party is on December 9th At Cafe Testarossa!
Keep the date open!

Bench Press
Find 1 Rep Max

4 Rounds

Back Squat 12 Reps @40% Max weight
Run 400
Lunges 20 Reps with Double Kettlebell’s  (10 ea leg)
Evil Wheel 20 Reps

Crossfit Syosset/ Wednesday, November 16th

There seems to be a constant issue with most people and Oly Lifts:
unnamedFull Extension!!!!  Everyone seems to forget to come to Full Extension, meanwhile that is the only move that gets the weight up up up and away!   Your arms pull you down under the bar, they don’t pull the bar up ironically that is what the extension is for.  So if you look at it, most of you pull with your arms to get the bar up instead of using your Triple Extension and then have nothing left to pull yourselves down under the bar.

Try working on these two moves and your Oly Lifts will improve.
Work on Your Extension from a hang position continuously extending and reseting over and over with your arms taught and shoulder blades back.

Hollow Rock
30/30 3 Set ea

Shoulder Press
8 Reps: 1 Min Rest / 5 Reps: 1 Min Rest / 3 Reps: 1 Min Rest / 1 Rep: 2 min Rest / 1 Rep: 2 Min Rest / 1 Rep

50 Reps Box Jumps @24/20
40 Cal Rower
30 Hang Power Clean @135/95
20 Hang Power Snatch (same weight as HPC)
20 Hang Power Snatch
30 HPC
40 Cal Rower
50 Box Jumps

Crossfit Syosset/ Tuesday, November 15th

Tonight is the Grand Opening party of My Buddy John Onrush’s Golf Academy.  He invited all of us to the party, it’s from 6-10pm.  A shit load of food and booze, he’s giving away prizes also if anyone is interested.   let me know if you would like to go and check it out.  Especially those of you into golf, his facility for golf is great.
Stiff Leg Deadlift
3 x 15
For Those Flexible Ones Stand on a 45 lb Plate when you do them

Squat Clean
Find 1 Rep Max
Take 1 min Rest between singles until you reach your old max then start taking 2 min rest
use 3 singles to find you max, not 10

Cal Bike
Toes To Bar/ Knees to Elbows/ GHD Sit ups/ or Ab Mat (Ab Mat Rep Scheme 42-30-18)

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