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Crossfit Syosset/ Friday, January 20th

I know that dropping the barbell is sometimes a good feeling and enjoyable for some but let’s remember that other people are walking around the gym while you’re dropping barbells and the people walking are using there legs to walk.
Along with their legs comes shins and ankles.  I imagine that a barbell to the shin or ankle would cause a great amount of pain along with a shattered bone or two.
So let’s try to remember that and know that we don’t want to hurt anyone from something so preventable.
If you are going to drop the barbell (not an empty one of course) make sure no one is around you and even better would be to drop it correctly and actually use your hands to go down with it to make sure it doesn’t jump around on the floor searching for someone’s shin to blast into and destroy the rest of that persons day.

Also, one of the Super Bowl Boxes is filled up the other will be shortly so let’s start bringing in your super bowl money now so I don’t have to run around and write an email everyday to tell you to bring the money in.
Please, make my life easy this year with this stuff.  I do it because everyone enjoys it so please don’t make my life miserable every year trying to collect the money
Once again, Thanks

10 x 10
30 seconds rest

Bench Press
5 x 8 @60%
Every 90 seconds

Sprint  250 Meters on the Rower 10 x
With 45 Seconds rest in between pieces
The goal here is to keep the same pace throughout all 10 pieces
Set the rower to keep a record

You must sprint, if you don’t this will be very ineffective.  So sprint as fast as you can go each Row!!!

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Crossfit Syosset/ Wednesday, January 18th

100 GHD Sit up
100 Back Ext.
Alternate Between the two performing 10 reps each then flip over and 10 Back Ext.
This is not for time, Several people can use one machine.

Sotts Press
5 x 10
45lb/ 15lb
If you can’t perform this skill, shame on you.  Use this time to work on your thoracic area.

Kettlebell Snatch @70/45
Box jump @30/24
HandStand Push up

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Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, January 16th

Lou and Shauna are just two people that listened to the advice I gave regarding lowering the weight and adding more modifications to make it through the workout super fast.

And it helped, both of them were super sore after performing the workouts with a lighter weight and using a band for their pull ups to move much faster than normal through  the workouts.

The intensity is much higher when you’re moving fast.  Using a heavy weight that doesn’t allow you to move quickly gives your body time to rest.  Rest is the enemy, we take rest when we do the lifting portion of the workout.  When performing the metcon it is supposed to be done as quickly as possible.  I know that you want to lift heavy and do what the Rx weight says to do on the board but seriously if you can’t move fast with the Rx weight don’t do it.
Even with the pull ups, I know it is an accomplishment doing pull ups with no band, a huge accomplishment but don’t let ego get in the way of making a great workout into a struggle and a less effective workout.

If it worked for Lou and Shauna it will work for you.

Hollow Rock
3 Min plank

5 x 8 @60%
Perform 8 reps every 2 min

Thruster @95/65

Bonus Workout:
60 Burpees for Time!!!!

*****In case you haven’t noticed I have been trying to keep everyone in the Burpee challenge by using them in the wods.
If you have not done any since the 1st day you would have to do 120 total reps today.  So I would suggest doing the workout and then blowing through the Bonus wod as fast as you can!*****

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Crossfit Syosset/ Friday, January 13th

Will just joined us this week, Which means most of you don’t know him.   Those of you that do know him would say that dudes always smiling!   Yea, he is.  Will seems like a great guy that’s just genuinely happy.
Will has a goal, he wants to lose 200 lbs.  Most of us would say, “Wow, that’s a lot of weight to lose it might be tough.  But for Will it’s just another 200 lbs!
That’s right he already lost 200 lbs and is going to lose another 200!

This is definitely going to happen, if I gotta wake his Ass up everyday and drag him to the gym by his underwear he’s going to lose this weight.  Personally I think this will be a piece of cake, haha.
Will has the determination and I won’t let it not happen.  I will take it personally if Will doesn’t complete this goal and I’ll have a hard time with us not completing this goal of ours.

To assure us that this does happen I am recruiting all of you to help make this happen.  We are going to take Will’s Picture every month just like this one so we will all be able to see the progression take place.  I told Will he came to the right place to make this happen because of the support from everyone in the gym.
Show Will your support and maybe your story.

Let Will know you are on his side and are very supportive of him making this happen.

If you can’t seem to get yourself to the gym cause of some excuse you have told yourself over and over again, Email Will maybe he can tell you wtf is wrong with you.

We’ll see how Will does next month when we take our picture again.


Hollow Rock
V Up
3 Min Plank


Bench Press
6 x 6 @70%


12 Min Amrap
25 Double Unders
10 Power Cleans @155/100
5 Muscle Ups

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